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SPMB's new IOC-research project on athletic retirement

  • July 1, 2019

Paul Wylleman and Koen De Brandt visited the brand new headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today in Lausanne to present SPMB’s new research project entitled ‘HOW SHOULD ATHLETES BE SUPPORTED BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER ATHLETIC RETIREMENT? Moving from an athlete-centred needs analysis to practical guidelines for career support stakeholders’.


The project addresses the IOC Priority Field: "Psychological and mental health of elite-level athletes after retirement: Awareness, intervention and prevention programmes to protect the athletes" and specifically aims to (1) investigate athletes’ challenges, barriers and needs in support in three consecutive phases: before, during and after athletic retirement, and (2) provide a set of phase-specific, evidence-based practical guidelines for multidisciplinary career support stakeholders in order to optimize athletes’ retirement process.


This research project is funded by the Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme of the Olympic Studies Centre of the International Olympic Committee.


More information soon on our Project’s page.