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Consultancy performance behaviour

TeamNL provides, under the expert guidance of Paul Wylleman, its elite athletes with the possibility to develop optimally and perform at their maximum level. The psyche has a strong influence on athletes' development and performance. That is why "mental well-being" is prioritized by NOC*NSF.

TeamNL Performance Behaviour consists of a team of elite sport lifestyle coaches, sport psychologists, health (GZ-) and clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who collaborate in providing services to athletes and coaches. Members of this team, such as the elite sport lifestyle coaches and health and clinical psychologists, are also working in each of the five Centra voor Topsport en Onderwijs (Centers of Elite sport and Education).

The support provided by this team is not only focused on performing but also at the mental health of elite athletes, coaches, staf members and other experts (e.g., medical doctors, physiotherapists). The broad range of expertise available in TeamNL Performance Behaviour allows for a flexible and fast support provision required by coaches, athletes, other experts support providers (e.g., medical doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists), Performance Managers or members of staff.

Experts Performance Behaviour do not only provide support of individuals or teams but provide also workshops related to the developmental route of Performance behaviour.

Dirk Van Tichelt