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Public defense doctoral thesis Nathalie Rosier

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Dean Prof. dr. Johan Vanderfaeillie invites you to the public defense to obtain the degree of Doctor of Psychology of dra. Nathalie Rosier

The doctoral thesis defense will take place online on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at5:30 p.m. (17:30). 

A Holistic Perspective into the Factors Contributing to the Continued Development of Junior Elite Athletes into Senior Elite Level.

dra. Nathalie Rosier 

Prof. dr. Paul Wylleman (VUB)

Prof. dr. Veerle De Bosscher (VUB)
dr. Jolan Kegelaers (VUB)  

The link to join the online defense and more information about the doctoral thesis and the public defense can be found here:pdf fileInvitation PhD Defence_Rosier Nathalie.pdf (183 KB).