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Online Career Support Symposium

Location: Online
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Eventually, every athlete is confronted with the transition out of sport. Additionally, the current challenging situation makes different athletes decide to end their sports career earlier then expected and to invest in a new, post-athletic career. During an IOC advanced research grant 1-year project (01/06/2019 - 01/06/2020), the SPMB research group performed a needs analysis with elite athletes through semi-structued interviews to gain insights in their psychological health/wellbeing, challenges, barriers, and required support in the context of their athletic retirement. Consequently, based on the needs assessment, practical guidelines for different career support providers were developed. This research project was coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and funded by the IOC Olympic Studies Centre. 

Kleiner 3In this context, the SPMB group is pleased to invite you for our online career support symposium on how athletes should be supported before, during and after their athletic career. 

In addition to the results of the project and international experts’ reflections and practices on the results of the project, the programme includes parallel workshops where participants learn how specific tools and instruments are used in working with athletes in the context of the athletic retirement process. The full programme can be consulted here

The online career support symposium is for scientists and practitioners alike, and for people involved in athletes' dual careers, career development and other branches of high performance sport. While participation is free, registration is required. Registration runs until November 27. 

We are looking forward to seeing you for an exciting online, international symposium on supportin athletes in their athletic retirement process!