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New project! IOF Proof of Concept: DualCareerTools

  • January 17, 2022



Online assistance for athletes and support staff to optimize their competencies for a successful career



The dpt. Topsport en Studie obtained 10K funding through the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) for its online platform DualCareerTools, which assists athletes and support staff in evaluating and developing their careers. The project is coordinated by Simon Defruyt, Koen De Brandt and Paul Wylleman.

The objectives of the current PoC-project are to optimize and promote the online platform DualCareerTools (; DCT) by:

  1. developing a business plan and marketing strategy to successfully engage organizations worldwide (e.g. sport federations, high performance centers, National Olympic Committees, International Olympic Committee, universities) and consequently their members (active athletes, former athletes, and athlete support staff) to start and keep using DualCareerTools;
  2. optimizing the platform based on new evolutions and user experiences.

More information on the project will be available soon. Can't wait? Please contact