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How to stay mentally fit during lockdown?

  • December 24, 2020

Switch again. Adapt to a new situation. Processing new information. The corona measures demand a lot from us as a society. In this article (Dutch/English), Paul Wylleman, head of SPMB and TeamNL expert in performance behavior and mental advice, shares some practical tips to help you, both athletes and non-athletes, in dealing with those far-reaching measures. 



The tips in a nutshell 

  • Try to look for a new structure;
  • Do not overload yourself with the negative consequences and try to see what you do have and what you can still go for fully;
  • Invest in maintaining contact with others. Meet online, stay informed about each others' life, go for a run together etc.; 
  • Bring structure to this maze of challenges:
    • Where should the attention go first and what can be tackled afterwards?
    • What works and can be used as the basis of the new structure?
    • What needs to be improved?
  • Focus on what is going well and strenghten this;
  • Be aware of the fact that this situation may also offer new opportunities. For example, investing time for self-development;
  • Dare to explore new options.

For more information, please contact or read the full article here in Dutch/English